We are in the midst of another week here at Springfield's coziest* taco shop 

(*there is no way to actually verify this) and we are especially enjoying seeing all of you regulars who are making us part of your daily routine. OH THAT REMINDS US: 

THANK YOU INDUSTRY FRANDS! Seriously, we've seen so many of you guys over the last couple of weeks, it makes us so happy. So in NO PARTICULAR ORDER a big sloppy thank you to: Mother's Brewing, Tie and Timber, Cherry Picker, Best of Luck and all the Good Spirit Co team, FREAKING SKULLYS, Queen City Bike Shop, Ellecor, Black Market Smokehouse, Progress & Reverie, The Order and Hotel V crew, City Butcher, Imos, Farmer's Gastropub, Chinese Chef and more. Its hard to find time to visit other food shops when you're workin' in one every day, so we sincerely appreciate you all! 


A whole bunch of you did apparently. The rest of the world celebrates Taco Tuesday and we taco everyday, so we decided to focus our attention on bringing you some tasty bevs during everyone's Taco Tuesday quest. We do $5 house margs and $5 rosè wine pours. Pro tip; involve rosè in more aspects of your life. Tuesdays...Thanksgiving...Summer...WHENEVER. But ya. Margs. Word is getting out and people are absolutely ripping 'em on the partio. Come see what it's all about this Tuesday--we'll make sure to make as many big ice cubes as we can fit in our freezer. 

Oh ya. Did you see the new The Ringer? Its an Avocado Toast(ada)*. Its got a fried corn shell, guac, your choice of one of our proteins, pico, cilantro and cotija cheese. 

*not just for "Millennials".


Yes, we did indeed start as a food truck! Yes, we still have it! Unfortunately we do not have the storage capacity in our location, nor the staff to run the 'Truck' and our shop at the same time. No, we do not have a date when we will get both up and running. We know its event season and all, but we need some time friends. We would really like to concentrate on getting our brick and mortar established and steady before we try to serve in multiple locations. 

That also means we are currently not able to fulfill any catering requests right now. We can barely keep food for people who come visit the restaurant. When we have to ability to start accepting catering and large events (that would necessitate our truck) there will be a mighty big announcement!


Swing by the shop and try something you haven't had before! Like a Tequila and Tonic (delicious. refreshing. boozy.) or a Tequila Negroni (sweet. bitter. fruity. savory. all the things.). Or maybe a rice bowl with your favorite taco on top. OR MAYBE THE GLOBETROTTER NACHOS (which is the crowd-favorite nacho topping). You have options! 

Let's stop while we are under 10 paragraphs shall we? 

Hugs. Kisses. High Fives. 

-Skeleton Crew