Oh my goodness you guys! You all absolutely took it to us last week! Skeleton Crew (small building. small staff. skeleton art work...skeleton crew) put in some SERIOUS hours in our lovely lil shop. Think all of us saw tacos in our minds eye every time we laid our tired heads down to sleep. NO COMPLAINTS HERE #TACODREAMIN'

Thank you to all who nommed out with us! If you swung by a little later in the evening, or on Saturday during the day and we were out of food (we sold. out. every. day!! WAHT?!?!), we apologize! On that note, here's why we may not have food if you show up at certain times:

-Its a small building. Which means we have limited means to store things. Even with a shed out back and every inch packed in, we are finding that demand is exceeding what we can store on the property.

-YES WE PLANNED TO BE BUSY. Obvs. HOWEVER, you guys are nuts! Even though we knew we were gonna sling a ton of tacos, we/no one could predict the absolute outpouring of love and excitement! So..much love to you all.

-We make stuff fresh every day. In a small space, that means someone has to be constantly prepping. If you peaked back in the kitchen you'll know there is not a lot of room to serve and prep at the same time. Also, sometimes the stuff we make takes a long time; B.A. Baracus' awesome brisket takes up to 12 hours to make! That Globetrotter? Those lil bebes take 4hrs to smoke! Why do something that takes so long to cook? Have some and you'll know!

-This also means that we don't want to reheat any food for our customers. With our taco stuffs, fresh is best. That's how we eat it and that's how we want y'all to eat it. That means its a fine line between being out of something and wasting a bunch of product; neither of which we want to do.

-Holy crap QUESO! You guys are ripping through our queso! Chef Dan, with his commitment to all things quality, demands that we make our queso in house. That means starting with a roux (sorry gluten free folks) and then making a béchamel: adding heavy cream, slowly simmering it, adding roasted/charred poblanos, and ever-so-tenderly adding cheese until its perfect. "AND DON'T [expletive deleted] BURN IT", we've heard lovingly shouted by Dan. Turns out this takes a while! Good job Chef. Good job y'all.

-LASTLY. We are not accepting call-in orders at this little shack. Hell, we don't even have a place to put call-in orders and serve people at the same time if we did! We literally cannot make enough food to satisfy the demand of the people who are coming by the shop to see us and they get first dibs. This also means we cannot accept orders for any catering events at this time (working on it) . This means we're missing out on a lot of cool parties for good causes with good people that we want to be a part of! Please put us on your reminder tab and get at us in a little bit.

SILVER LINING: If you show up and there is a huge line and a ton of food is going out the door, guess what? You're on the same wave-length as a ton of other people! Strike up a conversation with someone in line and see where it takes you! That line does move pretty quickly btdubs.

And finally, on that note, gather that crew of yours, come see us for some tacos and our first #TACOBOOZEDAY on what the rest of the world calls #tacotuesday. You can get those margs on the cheap allllll niiiight loooong (all niiiight). Well...until 9pm... Damn you Lionel Ritchie! Get out of our zeitgeist already!

Maybe these will get shorter? Maybe they won't. Either way, hug those around you and keep boopin' those snoots.

Skeleton Crew